dimanche 27 juillet 2014

House Laboratory Mahdia

The skifa El Kahla is a monument was erected between AD 916/921 (303-308 AH). This is the main fortress walls and the only entrance to the city. This fortress has a height of 18,50m.
Its width is 21m and 12,70m walls.

House Laboratory 

This is a hallway that leads directly to the souks and measuring 33m long and 5,10m wide. 

Since the beginning of the tenth century to the mid sixteenth century, the input consists of six metal gates. 
The wall has undergone several changes after the demolition caused by the Spanish in 1555. 

The final touches were made ​​to the building in 1893/1311 AH. 

The only vestige of the old walls, Skifa is integrated in the system walls rebuilt by the Turks in the late sixteenth century. Gate of the walled city, Skifa el Kahla was the main tower of the second line of defense to bar access to the city by land. 

Two parts make up the building a fort 18m restored late nineteenth and vaulted vestibule that extends and which served as a defense, but also commercial crossing once a week during the souk. 

Mahdia was also equipped with maritime fortifications, small walls dotted with more than a hundred towers. 

Maritime door was locked with a chain stretched between two protruding iron, and linked the move to the sea.

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