Ban Ki-moon, the city's antique shop

October 10, 2014 - on the occasion of the visit, which performed to our country on 10 and 11 October, the President was accompanied by the government.

Geographic Location

The town of Mahdia (and it is called the city of parentheses) on the east coast of central Tunisia which is about isthmus extending into the sea.

The Punic Port or Old Port of Mahdia

This port is located in a depression between the hills of Sidi Jabeur and the Borj El Kebir on the south coast of the peninsula of Mahdia.


The town of Mahdia after the -200 you- Nunes from the city on the east coast near the port of Phoenician.

Mahdia's History

The city of Mahdia second succession by African capitals While successive historical periods known since ancient times.

Tunisia: Deployed the largest flag in the world

Tunisians have made Saturday a flag the size of 19 football pitches to beat the record of largest flag in the world.



samedi 5 janvier 2019


lundi 4 mai 2015

Tunisia: Deployed the largest flag in the world

Under the auspices of Ministry of Tourism, Tunisians have made Saturday a flag the size of 19 football pitches to beat the record of "largest flag in the world." A "patriotic" event which must also promote tourism, according to its organizers, but raises new controversy.

Hundreds of people attended a ceremony Jmel Ong, in the governorate of Nafta, in which soldiers saluted the flag as the national anthem rang. On the program, DJ, Miss Tunisia, press officers of Nidaa Tounes, especially gilded youth of Tunis. Even the singer Najet Attia resumed service for this occasion.

"The biggest, the most majestic and most beloved flag in the world was successfully deployed today Saturday, May 2" welcomes the page dedicated to the "Ahna Tunes" event. More than 12 tons of fabric and 10 hectares, "104,544 square meters, and more than 7,000 Tunisians who paid tribute to the feat of Tunisia until late at night." Fans of gigantism and superlatives, the organizers announced live that the flag is offered to the city of Tozeur, adding that a "sanctuary will be devoted to this adventure and to tell visitors worldwide a handful of the feat craftsmen have achieved. "

Germany, the United States, Morocco in 2012 and Qatar in 2013 had indeed realized the same non-original idea, but the execution of which was made in perfectly homogeneous colors, not based assemblies motley red.

Capture satellite biggest flag deploy at Ong Jmel:

vendredi 1 mai 2015

Wochenmarkt - Skifa el Kahla -Freitagsmarkt

Die Stadt Mahdia liegt reizvoll auf einer felsigen Halbinsel am Cap Afrique. Das riesige Stadttor Skifa el Kahla, das Wahrzeichen Mahdias, kündet von der großen Vergangenheit der alten Residenzstadt. Ein großes Erlebnis ist der Besuch des Wochenmarktes, der jeden Freitag stattfindet und Menschen aus der ganzen Region anlockt. 
Unzählige Marktbesucher drängen sich durch die mit Verkaufsständen gesäumten Gassen. In der großen Markthalle werden vor allem Gemüse, Fleisch und Waren des täglichen Gebrauchs verkauft. Abseits des Marktes ist vom geschäftigen und hektischen Treiben nichts mehr zu spüren. In der Medina herrscht eine gemächliche Ruhe, die nur von den Gebetsrufen des Muezzins unterbrochen wird. Das Stadttor mit seinem tunnelartigen Durchgang von 44 Metern Länge führt wieder aus der Medina hinaus. Da viele Touristen diesen Tunnel durchschreiten, ist er ein lohnenswerter Standort für Souvenir-Händler.

ein großes Dankeschön an Peter Menzel und Michael Donner

jeudi 30 avril 2015

Ferienort am Cap Afrique

Die Stadt Mahdia liegt 40 Kilometer südlich von Monastir. Die auf einer kleinen Halbinsel liegende Altstadt zieht sich mit der romantischen Medina, der Festung El Kebir und dem islamischen Friedhof bis zum Cap Afrique hin. Lohnenswert ist ein Spaziergang über den islamischen Friedhof und die Besichtigung des Bordj el-Kebir, der Grossen Festung. Von den Mauern des Forts ergibt sich ein herrlicher Blick über die Dächer der Stadt und den islamischen Friedhof bis hin zum Cap Afrique mit dem markanten Leuchtturm. Der Zugang zur Altstadt führt durch die Skifa El Kahla, ein 44 Meter tiefes Stadttor, dass seinem Namen „Dunkles Tor" alle Ehre macht. Das Gemäuer ist der einzig verbliebene Rest der ehemaligen Stadtmauer und stammt noch aus der Zeit der Fatimiden. Beim Bummel durch die Gassen der Medina kann man das Leben der Bewohner näher kennen lernen, in die kleinen Läden hineinschauen und mit den Händlern ins Gespräch kommen.

ein großes Dankeschön an Peter Menzel und Michael Donner

lundi 27 avril 2015

Nice video presentation mahdia

This video is a presentation of the city of mahdia.

note although its language is French

lundi 6 avril 2015


Mahdia medinas help you discover the different regional handicrafts (carpets, jug, Chicha, dishes) and restaurants, countless specialties, brick egg, barbecue, fish, salads méchouia ...
Two hours from Paris, Tunisia guarantees a change of scenery, warm hospitality and holidays card, according to your wishes, at very competitive rates. Come on ... you'll love.

jeudi 26 mars 2015

The Caribbean World Mahdia hotel

The Caribbean World Mahdia hotel is the newcomer of the Caribbean World Mahdia hotel, famous for its beautiful beaches and transparent turquoise waters. Beautiful 4 star hotel in Mahdia, feet in the water, fully renovated and refurbished in a style imported from the Caribbean.
Quality services and friendly atmosphere along with Latin rhythms, salsa and merengue ...

Approximately 45 km from the airport of Monastir 7 km from Mahdia and two hours 30 minutes from Tunis airport.

Adress:BP 196 Zone Touristique Mahdia, 5110, Mahdia, Tunisia

Telephone:+216 73 682 400


Children age: Children's age must be between 4 and 12 years. Babies (0-4 years) are free.
Check In: ​​From 14:00 hours
Check Out: Until 12:00 hours
Room types: Double
Single Room
Triple Room
Family Room
Agreement (s): All Inclusive
Discounts: Reduction 5th bed
Reduction Children from 2 to 12 years with 2 or more adults in the same room
Reduction Children from 2 to 12 years with 1 adult in the same room
Reduction in Child 2 to 12 years in separate room
Reduction 4th bed
Reduction 3rd bed
Supplements: Single Supplement
Tourist resort
Development (s):
Aqua park
Gift shop
Fitness Center
Air Conditioning
Swimming Pool
Beauty salon
Hair dryer
Laundry service
Water Sports

jeudi 16 octobre 2014

Travel Agencies operating to and are diverse in Mahdia

The local travel agencies organize varied from Mahdia excursions. You can travel anywhere in Tunisia and your agency will organize everything!


Visit the Medina, Bardo Museum, ruins of Cathage and Sidi Bou Said ...

2 KAIROUAN / EL JEM / Monastir 

Visit the Great Mosque, El Jem Coliseum, Mauselée Bourguiba ...

3 Sousse / PORT KANTAOUI / Monastir 

Visit the Medina, Port El Kantaoui, Monastir Marina ...


Visit El Jem, Matmata, Douz, Tozeur, Tamerza Midès Ong Jemel, Kairouan ...


Visit El Jem, Matmata, Douz, Tozeur, Tamerza Midès Ong Jemel, Kairouan ...


Visit El Jem, Matmata, Douz, Tozeur, Tamerza Midès Ong Jemel, Kairouan ...

7 EVENING Baloum 

Folk Centre: fantasia, folklore, belly dance / Bedouin, Tunisian dinner.


Visit Takrouna (Berber village), Zaghouan, Hammamet, Jeradou, HERGLA ...


Visit HERGLA (Marin Cemetery), Sidi Bou Ali, Takrouna (Berber village),
Jeradou ...

mardi 14 octobre 2014

Geographic Location

The town of Mahdia (and it is called the city of parentheses) on the east coast of central Tunisia which is about isthmus extending into the sea (peninsula) surrounded by the sea on three sides which are of a mild climate influenced by the air currents of the Mediterranean basin and away from the capital, 200 km
The affiliation of Mahdia to the coast makes it under the influence of the Mediterranean climate of mild distinguished by moisture. And contribute to offshore wind and the northern and north-eastern modify temperatures in summer and winter, and the proportion of rainfall on the coastal strip up to 300 mm in some cases up to 400 mm, what contributes to the spread of vegetation varied.

dimanche 12 octobre 2014

Two Golf Course 9 holes and 3 holes are available.

The Golf Academy of Mahdia well located in the tourist area between Mahdia Palace and Nour Palace at the edge of the sea, as well as the pitch and putt golf in the Nour Palace with its splendid views of the Cape of Mahdia and Borj el Ras are ideal places to play golf.

1 Golf Acadamy Mahdia: 9 holes 

Managed by Mr. & Ms. Mark and Gisa Schütz. Emigrated to Tunisia in early 2010 Since March 2010, they exploit this installation of mini-golf in Mahdia. They methods manages the Golf Academy and the adjacent pavilion. Mini Golf oasis (18 holes), Golf Academy and clubhouse are open all year.
The clubhouse features a sun terrace with magnificent views of the sea. Accommodates up to 100 people. By adequate lighting. Direct access to mini-golf and golf 9 holes. Covered parking is provided in abundance.
In the clubhouse and on the terrace, the following products are available:
Alcoholic beverages: Beer (Celtia, Beck's and Heineken). Soft drinks. Hot drinks: Cappuccino, espresso and filter coffee. Meals on request.
Expert staff are on hand to help customers. During tournaments, There are professional referees familiar with international rules.
Club facilities for the elderly, adolescents and children with colorful balls. For beginners or casual players. Leisure clubs for lefties, righties for the elderly. Hobby with 10 bullets, which have different playing characteristics for fans and many players.
Tel: +216 25 160 869 Web:

2 Nour Palace Pitch & Putt Golf: 3 hole 

A pitch and putt course in the complex Nour Palace. A magnificent and the views of the mediterranean sea splendies turquoise and Cap Mahdia and its lighthouse lawn. Mini Golf, a golf academy and clubhouse are open all year.
Tel: +216 73682500 Web: