dimanche 24 août 2014

The activities Fishing Mahdia

The fishing industry provides a livelihood for many families mahdoises. Sardines, anchovies or mackerel caught on the high seas, the main products are often exposed here and there in the harbor, the best equipped of Tunisia.

Its infrastructure, its large fleet and its equipment for the freezing up as a true microcosm. Yet, many Mahdois still practicing traditional fishing. The governorate is offered, in fact, four fishing harbors. Mahdia with that of a productive average of 7.279 tons / year. Wearing Chebba with a production rate of 68 tonnes. Wearing Salakta producing 6,503 tonnes and that of Melloulech with an average production of 25 tonnes. The four ports are actively involved in boosting economic activity in the region, such as to improve the employability of the sector. They offer nearly 5,300 job positions and more than 25% of national output in blue fish. 

Fishing activities 

1 Fishing Port 
2 Fishing Net 
3 Fishing deLamparo (Blue Fish) 

The old port 

This port is located in a depression between the hills of Sidi Jabeur and the Borj El Kebir on the south coast of the peninsula of Mahdia. So the site is protected from the north winds and it opens with deep water. Recent research has led to say that the old port is carved into the rock and date of the Punic period. It was used as a trading post and naval base until the Ottoman period (about the middle of the XVIIIth) surface is 8250m2. Its original depth exceeds 10m. It can hold 30 boats at a time. The trace of the walls that surround it is still visible to the naked eye and the two warriors who monitor its input. 

Fish market 

The fish market of Mahdia is a lively place and worth a visit. It is open Every Day, goal MOST busy on Fridays. Local octopuses are sold here by the bunch. Boys wrestling thesis in mornings using spiked canes.

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