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Mahdia's History

The city of Mahdia second succession by African capitals While successive historical periods known since ancient times, the mystery surrounding the history of this city by the Fatimid despite the diversity of the existing Steering effects in terms of land and sea, which indicate the presence of residential community in the region since the Punic period.
The extended historical era that characterized the city since the establishment of the Fatimid her and made ​​it the capital of the Fatimid caliphate year 308 AH. / 920 m, where taken by the first caliph Obaidullah Fatimid capital to its geographical location, it overlooks the sea on three sides have made the city a bulwark able to respond to invasions of Foreign Affairs and made an important commercial center Mediterranean basin.
"Mahdia city of Jalil, famous in the rules of Islam mentioned, one of the building Obeid-Allah al-Mahdi first Alabidiin successors and affiliated with LES, and its construction was starting her year 303/915 and make his kingdom house. The first thing Aptny including fence western in which the doors, and then ordered the digging of Marina City, and it was a stone, a solid, Venkerh double and make it a fortress for the wheels of his chariots of war, and resided at the mouth of the marina series of iron lift one end at the entry of ships and then returned as it was, immunized for anchorage of entry boats and rum Aptny "Industry House" is one of the wonders of the world, then proceeded to dig in the barn inside the city, and built Aljbab and factories, and has stockpiled food barn, and Mullah Aljbab (Jeb collection) of water. The breadth of Mahdia in the first built from the stomach to direction as furlongs per share, when it Fastsgrha Mahdi, Ferdm amount of sea and insert it into the city to widen, and the whole house and now is the greatest known in the old House of the CAA from the sea. And to other people Aptny another city called Zewailah Amahditin and one of them as furlongs per share, and make markets and hotels there, and ran out to meet wide trenches by rain, was Krabd to the city of Mahdia. He was known to outside fever fever Zewailah, and it was the whole gardens and orchards to other types of fruits and fruit "
After the exit Muizz Fatimid Caliph to Egypt in the year 360 AH. / 970 m, and the founding of the city of Cairo sentenced Alsnhadjiyan African but Talboa later Fatimids took his revenge on those of them and sent them tribes semicircular that contributed to the publication of a great deal of chaos, and since that date rolled campaigns against the city fleets of European and especially the Spanish city where the event ranged between falls and recovery has ended all of that destroyed and burned by the Spaniards in 1555. Has lost its importance as the capital so that the elements of the Turkish re-building them up again where given a new character to the city which turned active coexist where Muslims, Christians and Jews, and its economy is based on multiple sectors.
In the period of the French protectorate of Tunisia contributed Mahdia in the national movement and the struggle and gave birth to a group of activists participated in the period of independence in the building of modern Tunisia, and later became known as a quantum leap at all levels have made the city a kiss of visitors from home and abroad and made of the most beautiful cities of the Mediterranean.

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