lundi 4 mai 2015

Tunisia: Deployed the largest flag in the world

Under the auspices of Ministry of Tourism, Tunisians have made Saturday a flag the size of 19 football pitches to beat the record of "largest flag in the world." A "patriotic" event which must also promote tourism, according to its organizers, but raises new controversy.

Hundreds of people attended a ceremony Jmel Ong, in the governorate of Nafta, in which soldiers saluted the flag as the national anthem rang. On the program, DJ, Miss Tunisia, press officers of Nidaa Tounes, especially gilded youth of Tunis. Even the singer Najet Attia resumed service for this occasion.

"The biggest, the most majestic and most beloved flag in the world was successfully deployed today Saturday, May 2" welcomes the page dedicated to the "Ahna Tunes" event. More than 12 tons of fabric and 10 hectares, "104,544 square meters, and more than 7,000 Tunisians who paid tribute to the feat of Tunisia until late at night." Fans of gigantism and superlatives, the organizers announced live that the flag is offered to the city of Tozeur, adding that a "sanctuary will be devoted to this adventure and to tell visitors worldwide a handful of the feat craftsmen have achieved. "

Germany, the United States, Morocco in 2012 and Qatar in 2013 had indeed realized the same non-original idea, but the execution of which was made in perfectly homogeneous colors, not based assemblies motley red.

Capture satellite biggest flag deploy at Ong Jmel:

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