dimanche 5 octobre 2014

Handicraft Activities in the area of Mahdia

IN MAHDIA, it is men who weave: From the fourteenth century in Mahdia, the Master of weaving are men
and only men. We never tire of admiring weaves and silks from Mahdia, the patterns and colors flaming recognizable at first glance.

Among the most impressive, the HRIR R'DA consists of a succession of bands and gilt and colored stripes (red, blue, silver and green), the Set El Kol cotton blend black and blood red silk weaving green silver and gold.
First used in many traditional wedding costumes, they are now broken down into scarves, bedspreads, throws, coats, bags ... Mahdia, is also known for offering a relaxing atmosphere along the most beautiful beaches in Tunisia ...

Artisan Activities:

1.Silk: Exhibition, clothing, workshops and sale, construction
2.Jewelry (studio tour + exponent)
3.Decoration on boix
4.Mosaic (El Jem)
5.Traditional Clothing Mahdia: Aroussa

Carpet manufacturing Mahdia The homemade carpet is widespread in Mahdia, Tunisia and in general.
It is very interesting to see how the rugs are created and see the precise work of women in the loom. But it's still a very physical job for these women that weave throughout the day.

Weaving Mahdia Located in a small alley in Mahdia, this small weaving mill specializes in the manufacturing of costumes for married and build a wedding dress is a very long and meticulous work that requires months of work. The weavers do not hesitate to dress the visitors Tunisian married for the photo!

The Festival of the Silk Mahdia is organized during the month of May. A symposium on boosting this craft is held to restore its pride of place. Especially since the silk weaving has almost disappeared in other places including the Souks of the Medina of Tunis.

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