jeudi 14 août 2014

Popular Festivals in the region of Mahdia are

The International Festival of Symphonic Music of El Jem which is held each summer in the town of El Jem since 1985, the Festival of the silk and the Festival of the Sea. 

    El Jem Festival 

    The International Festival of Symphonic Music of El Jem is a festival of symphonic music that is held every summer in the Tunisian city of El Jem in Tunisia since 1985, the city of El Jem is one of the Arab world to hold a truly international festival devoted to symphonic music. It is hosted by the El Jem amphitheater built in the third century and features a docking capacity of between 27,000 and 30,000 spectators. Since its inception, the festival attracts many orchestras who come here to play shows with the Orchestra of Opera Ball in Vienna, the National Symphony Orchestra of Algeria, the Philharmonic Orchestra of Rome Symphony Orchestra globalized Moscow or the Tunisian Symphony Orchestra.

    Silk Festival in Mahdia

    Mahdia silky claiming loudly its specificity: it is the undisputed capital of silk weaving. Nowhere weavers are as skilled, as attached to their ancient art, as creative too. Elsewhere, women are not as pretty, as faithful to their traditional costume, as inventive in the art of adornment. Unquestionably, the city of the two seas which resonates cornice clack of looms, which declines with as much charm the RDAs, chemlas, farmlas and other costume pieces, infinitely variable, but all silk, deserved the as Queen of silk. The second highlight of the festival will be an international symposium will bring together experts from around the world. Lovers silk, gathered around by this thread that runs the world, will talk about the history of silk in all civilizations. Thus, we will discuss the Silk Road in Uzbekistan, and the rebirth of the Ikat technique, silk Masride the kingdom of Granada and its relations with North Africa, the introduction of the industry in Mexico its use in the costumes of Palestine, weaving silk in Lyon and, of course, the history of silk in Mahdia, in the Fatimid era. Very membreux historians, experts, and artisans will participate in the symposium.

    The Festival of the Sea of Mahdia

    The Festival of the Sea of ​​Mahdia, under the auspices of the Ministries of Tourism, Culture and Heritage Preservation, organized by the Governorate of Mahdia Regional Council in collaboration with the Association of the festival has become a tradition entrenched in Mahdia. The organizing committee is seeking to create, through a rich and varied program, an animation "all-out" day and night, the corniche in Medina, port archaeological sites, and to top it all, a ride fragrant with the smell of "Méchoui Fish» Sea. The main objectives of this festival is to highlight the distinctive features of the city of Mahdia cultural, heritage and tourism level, but above all to worship this donor, sea beneficent source of life for many fishermen, source of relaxation and leisure for Tunisian and foreign holidaymakers and source of inspiration for artists.

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