dimanche 10 août 2014

Tennis Mahdia is played in all the hotels

The entire structure tennis (indoor and outdoor) is open to all throughout the year for the lease of land, racquets and balls ...
Certain sites are lit at night for those who prefer to play at night.

It is strongly recommended to book courses with hotels.


Facilities include dozens of outdoor courts (clay and synthetic clay) in all the hotels. These structures allow to practice recreational tennis or tennis competition.
Any kind of equipment is available. Racquets and balls can Erte rented at very reasonable prices.


Allowing practice of initiation to competition. You find through various formulas (discovery, lessons for children ...) ways to find the activity or improve yourself at any age.
Instructors are at your service.


Some hotels offer internships "tennis multiactivities" for juniors.
The youth tennis sessions each day and the choice of another supervised activity among archery, catamaran sailing, water sports. They also participate in group games that take place in hotels (dodgeball ...).
For more information, or to enroll, please inquire with the hostesses in your hotel.

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