dimanche 12 octobre 2014

Two Golf Course 9 holes and 3 holes are available.

The Golf Academy of Mahdia well located in the tourist area between Mahdia Palace and Nour Palace at the edge of the sea, as well as the pitch and putt golf in the Nour Palace with its splendid views of the Cape of Mahdia and Borj el Ras are ideal places to play golf.

1 Golf Acadamy Mahdia: 9 holes 

Managed by Mr. & Ms. Mark and Gisa Schütz. Emigrated to Tunisia in early 2010 Since March 2010, they exploit this installation of mini-golf in Mahdia. They methods manages the Golf Academy and the adjacent pavilion. Mini Golf oasis (18 holes), Golf Academy and clubhouse are open all year.
The clubhouse features a sun terrace with magnificent views of the sea. Accommodates up to 100 people. By adequate lighting. Direct access to mini-golf and golf 9 holes. Covered parking is provided in abundance.
In the clubhouse and on the terrace, the following products are available:
Alcoholic beverages: Beer (Celtia, Beck's and Heineken). Soft drinks. Hot drinks: Cappuccino, espresso and filter coffee. Meals on request.
Expert staff are on hand to help customers. During tournaments, There are professional referees familiar with international rules.
Club facilities for the elderly, adolescents and children with colorful balls. For beginners or casual players. Leisure clubs for lefties, righties for the elderly. Hobby with 10 bullets, which have different playing characteristics for fans and many players.
Tel: +216 25 160 869 Web:

2 Nour Palace Pitch & Putt Golf: 3 hole 

A pitch and putt course in the complex Nour Palace. A magnificent and the views of the mediterranean sea splendies turquoise and Cap Mahdia and its lighthouse lawn. Mini Golf, a golf academy and clubhouse are open all year.
Tel: +216 73682500 Web:

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